Many people describe their move from a liberal/progressive mindset to conservatism/libertarianism as being red-pilled. What a trip it is to realize for the first time that government actions usually make things worse not better. Give people welfare and they become dependent on the state. Unemployment rates rise with unemployment insurance because you are paying people to not work. The “safety net” rather than breaking your fall, is a prison that keeps you down.
The red pill process can be quite rapid for some but for me it was a slow as I tried to integrate the full implications of the non-agression principle with my christian/conservative views.
The first step for me was reading the National Post. The Post hosts a wide range of opions but you will find more skepticism of government in its pages than any other major Canadian news publication. The first pill for me was the opinion pages. The Full Comment section is for general political topics and FP Comment is in the Financial Post section, dealing mostly with economic issues, there is however overlap in the two sections.
Just a disclaimer however, if you are a hard libertarian or anarcho-capitalist you might yell at some of the opinions.
Terence Corcoran the financial pages editor is great as well as Lawrence Solomon, the latter being perhaps the closest of the two to being a Libertarian.
Check out these writers for a start and check back with me in a week or two for your next dose…